Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nepalese wedding

Anil is the son of the 'didi' (translates to 'older sister', all adult women are 'didis') who owns the house where we are renting our flat. His family decided that it was time for him to marry, so they found a suitable young woman among the family of some friends. After seeing her a couple of times Anil decided to accept and last Saturday they were unified.

Arranged marriages are still the most common practice, though maybe 20% of people in the city are now doing the "love marriage" thing :-)

That is to say, the terms "arranged" and "love" can be misleading as the festivities of a "love" marriage will still be arranged by the families and and the "arranged" marriage usually ends up with the involved parts loving each other, for some reason...

The festivities start with all the friends and relatives of the groom gathering at his house Saturday morning, receiving brunch and blessings, then embarking en-route to the bride's family's home lead by a brass band or similar.

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David said...

Good photos and great to see a new "burst" of what you're experiencing.