Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This photo is a little reminder of the nice time we had in my mom's house this August in Denmark. For a while it's probably the last bit of quiet, space and cleanness we'll see. At least I remember Kathmandu to be noisy, crowded and dirty. Now we're waiting in Heathrow airport for our flight to Bahrain, in transit to Kathmandu. We arrived at Stansted 23.30 local time and had to wait until 2.25 to catch the first National Express coach to Heathrow (1h 20min ride). Here we squatted on the floor until the check-in opened at 6am. Internet in the airport isn't cheap - I'm writing from a T-Mobile hotspot for 5GBP / 1 hour. It's just that I can't read, sleep or listen to mp3 anymore, so this is a nice alternative. Our plane leaves at 10am.
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